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Tails and Whales is a performance brand that develops products focused on helping active people organize and transport their gear. Founded by a professional designer and life-long surfer, Tails and Whales is dedicated to a relentless passion for form and function with a focus on versatility, durability and most importantly, the user experience.

The brand name originated from the sea majestic mammal, the whale, with different body configurations (forms) optimized for their natural environment, the deep sea, and the tail(function) made of muscles and dense fibrous tissue that propel movement. This is the core behind the brand identity and what it aims to achieve, greatness, depth, balance and movement. Every product will be named after a whale specie depending on its design, The Bowhead, a multi-function backpack, is the first product to sprout from Tails and Whales. The name was chosen due to its thick body and being the whale with the largest mouth representing the ability of the unfolding system of the backpack. Being the longest-lived mammal makes the statement of the quality of the product that is made to last.

Tails and Whales is owned by Canvaz Design Studio, in Matosinhos, Portugal. Canvaz was founded and is run by Luis Vaz, an avid surfer, traveller and professional UI/UX designer with over 10 years of experience in branding, marketing, advertising and mobile/web design. Canvaz focuses primarily on developing best-in-class digital interfaces and crafting seamless user experiences for consumer products. Tails and Whales was founded as the Studio’s performance brand, and will focus on the design and development of fashionable and functional gear for outdoor sports – specifically, surfing. The Studio includes a workspace that serves as the company’s headquarters, as well as a showroom for Tails and Whales branded product; all 500 meters from the Beach.