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Memories in frames of a surf trip in Africa.


This past week, the Wave Performance Training group took a surf trip to Morocco in search of waves, experience, and of course to put the Bowhead and Calf surf bags to the test! This is the Journal of the past week's surf trip, as I find that travel is the ultimate graduation for those who seek meaning and experiences. Nothing beats friends, surf and life in a warm place with some waves in the mix.

For a surfer, seeking waves in hidden spots is the ultimate rush. Regardless of whether you find the perfect wave or just take in an incredible view - our swell came in a little late - there is no such thing as a bad day surfing.

The only thing that could have made this surf trip better was the possibility of being able to bring along my M&M’s! Next time, my dear and beloved family and thank you for making all this possible.

A special thank you note to Head Coach, João Abecassis, and WPT team. We are what we make of ourselves and we grow together, what a team!